Division practice worksheet for QTS Numeracy mental arithmetic

Division is one of the basic skills you need to get through the mental arithmetic section of the QTS Numeracy test. However, “mental” arithmetic doesn’t mean you need to do it all in your head! You will usually be faster and more accurate if you use an appropriate written method.

Most people use short division — the “bus stop” method. This will solve the majority of problems you encounter, including when the number you are dividing is a decimal (just keep your decimal places lined up), so long as your times table knowledge is up to scratch! See here for interactive resources to practise your times tables. If you’re used to more traditional methods, you might prefer long division, but since the working takes more steps you may need more practice to build your speed up.

This worksheet, with answers on the second page, includes a mixture of whole number, decimal, and worded problems. Follow this link for more free QTS Numeracy resources.